About us

Robinson Air Corporation S. A. is a Panamanian company founded in 2013, focused on service, aeronautical development, specialized in the area of ​​avionics, engines, aviation equipment and avionics parts.

The following classifications;

1- Radio and Navigation: Class I Communication equipment, Class II Navigation equipment and Class III Radar equipment.

2-. Instrument Category: Class I Mechanics, Class II Electrical, Class III Gyroscopic and Class IV Electronic.

3- Accessory Category: Class I, II and III.

We are a highly qualified team, our high standards in quality services allow us to provide excellent service backed by engineering and maintenance development.

Our Letter of presentation is based on the developments we have been carrying out.

Our Services is an example of this, all the results allow to offer optimum results for our personnel, taking as a base the new technology that marks the advance of the avionics in the world, allowing us to offer the last standards in integral service.

Likewise, we have the experience of updating avionics in different aircraft types nationally and internationally, since the new technology provides a substantial improvement in cabin procedures, resource management and situational alert, implementing digital visualization systems.

We have represetaciones and commercial alliances with different foreign manufacturers leaders in the market, among them we emphasize Garmin, Rockwell, Collins, Sagen, Cobham, Aspen, Bendixking and Universal Avionics.

Our Specialization is to give a brilliant and welcoming service to all the civil aviation guild (aviation companies), since that in our purpose in the branch of the services that we play.




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